Gone are the days when fumbling in a box full of tap washers trying to find the correct size, then spending ages trying to get the valve body off, fit a new washer and possibly have too recut the valve seat. There are two basic types of tap, ceramic disc, or standard rubber wash taps. For both, we would recommend the replacement of the complete tap valve assembly is carried out. Whilst slightly more expensive than replacing a washer alone, this will save you time and is the only way to repair ceramic disk taps.

Turn both hot and cold water off 90% of taps have an isolation valve fitted below the taps on the pipework. These are turned off using a screwdriver. On position is achieved by the screwdriver mark aligning with the pipework, off position is achieved by the screwdriver mark facing across the pipework (90%). Isolate the tap you are working on using these isolation valves. If you do not have isolation valves fitted, we recommend calling your local plumber.

Turn both taps on to ensure the water supply to the tap has been isolated.

Remove the tap head and then remove the valve assembly by using a wrench and you should expect some resistance. There are various types of valve assembly on the market and once removed a trip to your local friendly plumbers’ merchants will in most cases will result in obtaining the correct part.

Install the new tap valve in reverse order to above and refit the tap head. Turn the water supply back on carefully and check the tap operates correctly. Please call your local plumber if you have any issues.

A Tap Sourounded By Steam

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